Switzerland: Who said adventure was just for the Scouts?

Day 1: High-ropes and these aren’t just any high-ropes but death defying zip-wires over a gorge!

Challenge 1: The high-rope course across the gorge.

All smiles! (until we look down!)


Don’t look down!


Who can spot Gill? She said someone had to stay on the ground to look after the bags…..hmm


All made it across the the first section!

DSC08021 Adventure not just for ScoutsDSC08022

and the massively unsupported section in the middle, over the gorge.

DSC08025 DSC08030DSC08037

Some of the guides abseiled down to see if the leaders were ok…below.

DSC08026 DSC08033 DSC08034

Proudly making the last section of the high-ropes.

DSC08046 DSC08066

And because we are guides, the death-defying high-ropes over the gorge wasn’t a challenge enough! Time to abseil from the bridge.

Challenge 2: The abseil down from the bridge.


Safety checks done! Now to climb over the barrier!

DSC08070 DSC08071 DSC08072

New profile picture I think…..

DSC08074 DSC08075

Now for Rachel to face her challenge (such a flattering angle!)

DSC08088 DSC08089

Challenge Number 3 –   Zipwire across the Gorge

DSC08052 DSC08054


Rachel all ready to jump!

DSC08091   DSC08096 DSC08095DSC08099


Now time for Francesca to make the leap!

DSC08101 DSC08103 DSC08104  DSC08111

What’s that I hear you cry….is it a bird? No! …..Is it a plane? No!…It must be a 1st Henley Guide!


DSC08092DSC08120DSC08114   DSC08121

All action packed out…now to hike back to the Chalet.


Some of us make friends on the way home…..


While others…accidentally knock the head off our new friend!


Oh no Francesca has found another “interesting” river feature!


The hike back is worth it for the views….

DSC08131  DSC08133

…and the four leaf clover we found. Lets hope it brings lots of good luck for the rest of the trip and beyond.



Switzerland: Arriving in the sun, but not for long!


After the longest 24 hours in history, confined to a small seat, with very little leg room….


We arrive and its sunny! The girls make themselves at home.


Gill phones home…what a view!


We decided to go for a walk and explore the town, but the heavens open and out come the waterproofs!

DSC08001 DSC08002 DSC08003 DSC08004

Rachel feeling left out as the rest of our unit just happens to have a Geography related degree. She’s pretending to have one too! (at least she looks the part!)


Francesca (being a flood risk analyst) thought this river was the best thing ever! We all had a lesson on the different river courses and the second one being a braided river channel.

DSC08010 DSC08012

Back to our Chalet just in time for the rain to stop and a rainbow to come out… beautiful!


Switzerland: 24 hour Coach Journey

One hour in and the leaders are already getting restless….and hungry!


while others…..


pose … trying to get some sleep!

After a: 40 minute ferry journey; a chorus of the sound of music; two toilet stops; breakfast stop; Singing along to the whole of Frozen (and that was just one of our leaders!); the whole of Ice age 3,

Finally we see some mountains….which only means one thing! We are nearly there…



Henley Guides pack for Switzerland!

After nearly three years in planning…since at a unit leaders meeting over drinks, when Switzerland was suggested. We finally set off in August 2014!

Packing took much longer than anticipated…you think a family holiday is tough, try packing for every eventuality and 10 children.


Then many hours later…


Packing for every natural disaster and incident!


We were finally ready for our (almost) 24 hour coach journey!