Switzerland: Arriving in the sun, but not for long!


After the longest 24 hours in history, confined to a small seat, with very little leg room….


We arrive and its sunny! The girls make themselves at home.


Gill phones home…what a view!


We decided to go for a walk and explore the town, but the heavens open and out come the waterproofs!

DSC08001 DSC08002 DSC08003 DSC08004

Rachel feeling left out as the rest of our unit just happens to have a Geography related degree. She’s pretending to have one too! (at least she looks the part!)


Francesca (being a flood risk analyst) thought this river was the best thing ever! We all had a lesson on the different river courses and the second one being a braided river channel.

DSC08010 DSC08012

Back to our Chalet just in time for the rain to stop and a rainbow to come out… beautiful!



Henley Guides pack for Switzerland!

After nearly three years in planning…since at a unit leaders meeting over drinks, when Switzerland was suggested. We finally set off in August 2014!

Packing took much longer than anticipated…you think a family holiday is tough, try packing for every eventuality and 10 children.


Then many hours later…


Packing for every natural disaster and incident!


We were finally ready for our (almost) 24 hour coach journey!

Henley May Fair – kickstart to fundraising

The Henley May Fair, on Monday, was a fantastic kickstart to our fundraising for our trip to Switzerland next summer.

Look at all the plants donated from guide parents and friends of the unit (We did call in a few other favours from leader’s parents and neighbours as well!)


Plant sale…


We had a lovely day by the river. The weather was wonderful!


The guides organised all the games themselves and one guide, Wendy, raised a fantastic £20 all by herself with a game of guess the celebrity. She organised, made the game and manned the stall all afternoon! We are very proud guide leaders once again, of both her efforts and the rest of the girls that helped at the fair and grew plants to sell for the big day.

The Mayor of Henley used to be a Henley Guide herself and was happy to pose with us for a photo-shoot!


All the guides did a fantastic job and in total we raised £140 to go towards our trip to Switzerland to mark the unit 1st Henley Guides being 100 next year.



Thinking about our promise

The unit, this term has been thinking about the guiding promise and what it means to them. Everyone who joins guiding has to make a promise.

I promise that I will do my best;
To love my god,
To serve the queen and my country,
To help other people and
To keep the guide law


The promise is designed to be interpreted to different people in different ways and it is supposed to be quite individual. The “to love my god” for example, could be any god, or belief, or anything of value to that person.

Girlguiding UK are currently reviewing the promise. Girlguiding UK is committed to retaining a Promise that is in line with its original principles, but we know it’s crucial that girls and young women understand and believe in the words they say. That’s why, it was decided to invite all members as well as other interested parties to discuss the Promise wording.

There is a link for members and non-members of Girlguiding.


Have a look and share your opinion!

We asked the girls what they thought about the promise and encouraged them to share their views by completing the survey.

Henley guides announce trip to Switzerland!

As we may have mentioned 1st Henley Guides will be 100 in December of 2014. The unit is one of the oldest continually running units in the country and we are very proud to announce this week that we are planning a trip to Switzerland! This is one of our many events that we are planning to do, to celebrate our centenary year.

Why Switzerland?
Well, Switzerland is home to one of the 4 Guiding World Centres. The others are in India, Mexico and London. Pax lodge in London, the unit has been to before, so we thought that the next one was Our Chalet in Switzerland. It’s our first trip abroad so the others might be a bit too adventurous for our first abroad unit holiday. Watch this space though…a few leaders are thinking about the next one!

We have just had a meeting for the parents to sell our trip to Switzerland! It will be a fantastic opportunity for the girls (and for us!).

If you have any fundraising ideas, please contact us!


Guides march around Henley – In remembrance

After a morning of ironing, polishing and layering up. The remembrance parade in Henley on Thames today, was one to remember and the weather wasn’t too cold either. The guides looked very smart. We are such proud leaders!


The girls lining up and getting ready for the start of the parade.