Henley May Fair – kickstart to fundraising

The Henley May Fair, on Monday, was a fantastic kickstart to our fundraising for our trip to Switzerland next summer.

Look at all the plants donated from guide parents and friends of the unit (We did call in a few other favours from leader’s parents and neighbours as well!)


Plant sale…


We had a lovely day by the river. The weather was wonderful!


The guides organised all the games themselves and one guide, Wendy, raised a fantastic £20 all by herself with a game of guess the celebrity. She organised, made the game and manned the stall all afternoon! We are very proud guide leaders once again, of both her efforts and the rest of the girls that helped at the fair and grew plants to sell for the big day.

The Mayor of Henley used to be a Henley Guide herself and was happy to pose with us for a photo-shoot!


All the guides did a fantastic job and in total we raised £140 to go towards our trip to Switzerland to mark the unit 1st Henley Guides being 100 next year.